Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hide the Cyrptonite!

We have lots of superheros hanging out on Robert Street. Consider yourself warned Bad Guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preschool is IN session!

Preschool started today for Aiden! I snapped a couple of pictures on the front step quick before Eric drove him to school. It was a no brainer for him to wear his superman shirt today and he announced he was wearing his Clark Kent glasses as well (although he ended up leaving those in the car vs actually wearing those into the classroom).


and please ignore Graem's pacificer; not sure how that got in the picture. Oops! We will work on giving that to the Pacificer Fairy one of these days.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

While Dad is in San Fran....

We attended Smokefest on Friday night (I think we made it an hour) and attended the Marshall Sounds of Summer parade on Sat afternoon. I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures on Friday night but snapped just a couple at the parade....

The parade was a fun - we ended up with too much candy. The Sons of Butchers smoking team (our good friends and neighbors) came home with a pile of awards (and left overs!) so overall was a good day. We are anxiously awaiting Eric's return tomorrow night from his work trip to CA (he ended up taking an extra day to spend with one of my sisters, Stephanie/Bopadee and I have received texts from Napa Valley so I know they are having a good time).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hoorah for no mosquitos!

I got to spend last Friday in Camden with the boys along with my friend and her 2 girls. Such a fun day!
The 3 Trailblazers!

Resting after we made it to the end of the trail.
 One of the benefits of having boys....

 Graem was stuck in the 'Graem Pack' during the hike but he let loose on the playground!

Only thing missing from the day was Dad who was stuck at work - looking forward to doing it all over again with Eric.

A Bunch of Monkeys!

We were able to sneak away for a last minute trip to the Sioux Falls Zoo! And to top it off, HyVee was sponsoring a free lunch (which is a big deal when you have 5 mouths to feed). Thanks Tanta Megan for spending the day with us!

The boys are into Gnomio and Juliet (the movie) so the flamingos were a must see - kind of their second favorite character in the movie (of course the tractor size lawn mower at the end of the film is their favorite).

Waiting for the train ride!

Friday, August 10, 2012


We got to spend the day with the Kluwer Family from Denmark! Had a wonderful day in Tyler visiting with friends and family!

The Whole Gang! out at the Farm!

Harald (Alafar) with Jorgen (right), Fredrick (left standing), Ida Marie (middle) and Anna Sophia. Harald's grandparents were cousins to Jorgen's great grandparents (I think that is how it goes...) 

Oh.....Aunt Keriline! (as Jack would say)

Yeah - we got to spend two entire weeks (one week in June and another week in July) with Aunt Caroline! She spoiled the boys rotten with trips to the park, the pool, a parade, the movies and chasing them around the backyard. Here are some pictures of our trip to the Children's Musuem in SD.

Tinkering in the Garage....

Jack up in the clouds!

Roaring at the Dino!

Graem - Cooling off in the stream

 Forget the stream, Jack headed straight to the pond at the end of the stream.

The end to a super FUN day!

Of course I have to sneak in a picture of me with Aunt Caroline!

Hello Again!

It has been awhile! We have been busy enjoying the are some pictures of fun times at the lake - Enjoy!

Fun with our lake friends!

 We LOVE lake babies! Eric and Graem with Andrew and Jade
Graem thinks swimsuits are overrated.

Only these Bly boys can get Bfar and Bmor in the lake!