Friday, November 30, 2012

Ride on a Train or a Merry Go Round?

Why not both?

What a crazy bunch! We had a wonderful day at the McCormick Railroad Park!

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

Can you believe this cutie putie is 1???

We needed to get outta the house....

So to the park we went!



We were lucky to catch my nephew Sammy while we were in Phoenix. What a stud he is!

My niece, Leia patiently waiting for the game to be over.
Graem's trick shot....actually I think he missed....
Aiden gets in on the action too!
Aunt Caroline and Jack - scaring the competition!
Graem taking advantage of the free ride!
So fun!!!!

Movie Night

Aiden's friend introduced us to Power Rangers - which has made it to the #1 movie slot in our DVD player. Even Graem will stop what he is doing (well for like 2 minutes anyway) to watch.