Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Not really sure I remember Superman having blonde hair....but whatever

Superman and Supergirl!

Jack with his buddies - Henry and Oliver

Even work got to dress up - we were lumberjacks. The blue ox was homemade by one of my creative co-workers.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Visit to the Swensons!

We were lucky enough to spend some time with the Swenson's this weekend! So fun to finally take a weekend and let the kids play together! Of course a trip to the John Deere Shop to ride around in tractors were in order (sorry, no pictures) but Jack continues to walk around telling everyone he drove in a tractor. 
 The Superhero Crew and Mickey/Minnie Mouse went to a local museum for some pre-Halloween fun!

Graem found the candy...
Jack finally got to make his way thru a firetruck.
The Caped Crusaders heading back to the car.
A special THANKS Uncle Andrew, Aunt Erin and Jade and Jackson for letting us come invade your house!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The leaves are falling...

And Graem and Jack got the opporunity to play in them this past weekend with the neighbors. Don't worry, Aiden got in on the action after he got back from helping put the boat away for the winter - I just didn't have my camera out then.
 Who is hiding in the leaves???
 It's Nana (aka Lynn who is the neighbor's Grandmother) -  I love that she isn't going to watch from the sidelines but get in on the fun!

Firefighter Aiden

Aiden got to sneak out to the Fire Station Open House! 
Trying out the various seats in the fire truck - the Marshall Fire Dept does an awesome job welcoming families to their open house! What a treat!
The other boys weren't able to attend but the fire trucks drove up and down each street with their lights and sirens on the night before - which the boys love to watch. Although Aiden was a little worried when the fire truck came up our street, Jack was in the middle of a time out and Aiden asked me dead serious, "Mom, are they coming for Jack?" By the way, Graem has mastered his fire truck siren voice by the way and uses it often!

Monday, October 8, 2012

University Gala

We had a wonderful time at the SMSU University Gala. Of course I forgot to bring my camera so these are the few pictures we took before we left.

And all Eric and I took was a silly picture...oh well maybe next year . 

By the way, these are my new favorite shoes. I am definitely in love....