Sunday, January 29, 2012

A visit from a local basketball star....

It is not often when Aiden is tongue tied....he is usually filled with a zillion questions but tonight we had a surprise visit from our favorite Mustang basketball play, Jordan Miller!!!

Jordan comes up often in our conversations such as "Mom, I wonder if Jordan likes broccili?" and "Spike my hair like Jordan's!".....A special thank you goes out to Coach Bigler who was over for dinner and unbeknownst to us put in a call as he knows Aiden is Jordan's biggest fan. Aiden hardly said a word as he was in shock!

As you can see the picture below, Jack didn't have a problem plopping himself down on Jordan's lap. Taleigha (the Coach's daughter) and I had to coax Aiden into the picture.  So cool when athletes take the time to make a child smile!!

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