Friday, January 27, 2012

What is 'Bly Land'?

Bly Land was affectionately named by my husband's dearest oldest friends, I think Bly Land is best described as a distraction from the real world (it is best to keep it as a general description).....those who know my husband need no further explanation but those who don't, I will give a quick example. We are at a work outing and the group we are with are at a large table enjoying bingo and beverages when my husband excuses himself to get another least 45 minutes later, Eric has entered 'Bly Land' and is in a passionate conversation with the bar staff and 'regulars' about a small town in TN where Jack Daniels is made and the large tax increase the implement on their largest employer. When I say passionate I mean arms are flaring, loud voices and an occasional fist hitting the table....and everyone involved in the conversation is truly having a good time.

This example tends to be a regular occurence as my husband is very out going and my oldest son, Aiden is taking after him - he will fearlessly start a conversation with adults and rattle off at LEAST 20 questions to any individual in his path. A word of advice if you are approached by him, when he starts the conversation with 'do you drive a truck' and 'do you have a tractor' (he refers to a riding lawn mower as a tractor) answer no to these questions and you MAY be off the hook for a little while but be prepared to answer 'why not?'....

I am surrounded by boys with 3 sons and my goal with this blog is to primarily share stories of the Adventures of these boys growing up and living in 'Bly Land'!

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